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After a bariatric surgery, it is often to do things for yourself straightaway. Our care staff are at hand to motivate you to develop your skills and remain independent.

Specialist bariatric aftercare

Verity Healthcare can provide specialist aftercare services for people who have undergone bariatric surgery to enable them to manage condition and recover steadily and speedily at home.

What’s bariatric or gastric–by–pass care?

Bariatric refers to the branch of medicine that applies surgery to insert gastric band or remove a small amount of the stomach in the treatment of the extreme obesity. The rate at people in the UK are considered as  obese or morbidly obese is rising steadily and resulting in large numbers of people requiring bariatric surgery. The surgery helps to reduce the amount of food retained in the stomach.

Several complications such as dehydration, vomiting, body weakness and restricted mobility can arise after gastric-by-pass surgery. That’s why our care and nursing staff will be at hand to support control your diet and manage the liquid diet regime expected with the 2-weeks prior to the gastric surgery.  Also, our staff will support you within the first 24 hours after surgery to prevent or manage effectively  any complications that might arise.

We understand that the post-bariatric period requires motivational support to help you or your loved one to adjust to the changes in his or her body. We’re able to assign a fulltime live-in care assistant to help you with routine and structure with feeding on liquids, pureed food and soft meals by controlling appropriate portions of food that you take until your stomach adjusts to the new conditions.

We’re here to help you and your loved ones to live as meaningfully and practically as possible.

Specialist bariatric aftercare

After you or your loved one has had surgery, specialist aftercare is important to reduce the risk of infection and potential complications such as infections, blood clots in lungs and legs and internal bleeding. Also, bariatric surgery may result in:

  • Reduced mobility and restricted reach, conditions which can make self-care and toileting difficult
  • High level of vulnerability to skin infections which means careful skin care is vital
  • Low self-esteem and depression which require sensitive care and support
  • Increased risk from other medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, stress incontinence and obstructive sleep apnoea.

That’s why we have set up a team of specialist carers and nurses who understand the key challenges associated with obesity and to help manage bariatric surgical wounds for healing and recovery. Our highly skilled carers and nurses will help you and your loved ones to follow a strict diet control that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Before providing Bariatric care, our care managers and dietician nurse will carry out a risk assessment and create a bariatric management plan. This plan sets out the tasks that the assigned care and/or nursing staff will carry out and determines how services can be accomplished safely to prevent injuries to you and our staff.


We follow well-defined policies and best practice methods to make sure we always provide safe and effective bariatric care and support to ensure that nutritional deficiencies and metabolic concerns are controlled and monitored closely to ensure rapid weight loss. We’ll work with you and also in partnership with occupational health physiotherapists and the tissue viability nurse to obtain specialist advice to ensure that you or your loved one is transferred safely and onset of pressure sores are managed and addressed.

Our highly trained and professional care workers and nurses will support you with  essential day-to-day care that you need to recover speedily and steadily after bariatric surgery. We can also offer longer term domiciliary care and support such as live-in care so that you receive round-the-clock care to prevent any medical conditions and possible re-admission to hospital.

At Verity Healthcare, our aim is to ensure you achieve your daily living goals and achieve peace of mind. We’ll ensure that you environmental risks are reduced, by making sure that you have the right equipment is in place and supported by the care and/or nursing staff with the right level of training and skills.

Specific care services we offer

We’re fully aware that any person who has undergone gastric-by-pass surgery will have specific needs and preferences  to help them recover fully. After bariatric surgery, our bariatric carers and nurses will educate patients on the lifestyle changes they need to make and provide information regarding nutrition and food choices.

In addition, our team of staff will support you and your loved one with:

  • Personal care including skin care, washing, dressing and toileting to keep high levels of hygiene to prevent inefction
  • Diet management such as food preparation, access to appropriate drinks to keep you healthy and avoid relapse which could result in weight gain instead of weight loss
  • Social companionship which will include chatting through photo albums, engage in social activities, keeping up hobbies to keep you motivated and keep up with events and routines
  • Housekeeping including household chores such as cleaning, shopping and laundry to keep home environment clean and prevent infection
  • Medicine management – assistance with taking the right medicines as prescribed to improve health and well being..
  • Encouragement to relearn skills and do things for yourself to maintain your independence


The carers and the nurses who support me are truly professional and exceptional individuals who go far and above what is expected to make my experience more comfortable and enjoyable. The homecare provider  – Verity Healthcare is an example of outstanding home care provider  and an establishment that treats its clientele with the utmost respect.

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