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At Verity Healthcare, our business model informs our vision to prevent diseases and ill-health enable people to live independently and contented.

Our homecare services are bespoke to the needs of service users who are at the centre of all that we do. Our ultimate goal is to support the emotional, psychological, social and health needs of each client so that  they can improve their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Our business model captures company’s core value proposition and how this influences our service development and learning to meet the needs of our target clients. The business model is our guiding tool to assess where our business is headed, how we can get into new market and get to where we want to be.  We implement competitive strategies to give us an edge and leverage with other key players in healthcare. Our model enables our leaders to reflect on the operations of the business and gain insight into what matters to our clients and adopt growth and diversification strategies to deliver real value to them (clients).

Our business model is focused on providing better outcomes for our clients. We understand the need to become relevant to communities. As a result, we are focused on building key resources

such as  physical, intellectual, human, and financial assets of the company to deliver essential services to our clients. These resources support our marketing and selling strategies

Our model facilitates the need for encouraging service users to take responsibility for, and control of, their own health and wellbeing by working with multidisciplinary teams to solicit a comprehensive range of resources to provide holistic services for our clients.  We encourage our clients to build  confidence in their ability to manage their own health and well- being.

Our business model is intended to be innovative by adopting state-of-art technology to the traditional model so that our clients will receive preferred care at the time they want and in the way they desire. We are focused on capacity building for continuous leadership development to harness specialist expertise for efficient delivery of homecare services. We implement assistive technology, which will provide a greater role in enabling service users to remain at home.

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Our commitment
We’re committed to excellence and to deliver essential homecare services to our clients as the first choice.
If you have any questions about applying to you us, you may consult the frequently asked questions and call us
If you have any questions about applying to you us, you may consult the frequently asked questions and call us