Working with Commissioners for Integrated Health Economy

We Support Social Services and NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to provide cost-effective high-quality services to achieve better outcomes for patients/service users.

Supporting social services and NHS commissioners to balance capacity…

As one of the country’s leading and pacesetting home provider run by healthcare professionals who have many years of working experiences in the local authority and NHS, we have better understanding of the difficult job that commissioners have in managing tight funding with high demand for care, without compromising quality of care.

We’re working directly with a number of local authority social services to provide home care and nursing services to many children, young people and the elderly across England. In addition, we work with several clinical commissioning groups (CCG)  and continuing healthcare (CHC)  as part of the any qualified provider (AQP) scheme to arrange  NHS funded home care packages in London across England providing highly skilled and well-trained nurses, healthcare assistants, clinical leads and nurse assessors to provide the best of care.

“We work with Commissioners to making a positive difference to the evolving commissioning system by presenting our views and findings on delivery services that secure better outcomes for Service Users through a stronger partnership working.”

– Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh, Executive Director, Verity Healthcare Limited

We’ve maintained a strong clinical team with extensive clinical experience and this enables us  to work with commissioning teams to arrange long-term care and  fast-track healthcare packages including 24-hour home care packages for people with complex medical needs. Our dynamic team of healthcare professionals are unwaveringly focused on  providing the highest kind of care to improve the quality of life patient and people who require medical or post-operative rehabilitation and end of life care at home.

Our profound capacity and insight into how commissioning teams work enables us to collaborate with health professionals to complete and review decision support tools (DSTs) for home care delivery.  With a exceptional understanding of CHC teams’ expectations we are fully focused on transferring people out of hospital and residential care into home care even at short notices, in line with the national framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care.

Contact us  to arrange for Social Services and CHC case referrals: 0203 643 5295.

“Our collaborative working with Commissioners as part of evolving commissioning system involves a range of activities, such as assessing needs, planning services, procuring services and monitoring quality continually in order to identify cost-effective approaches to care without compromising quality”.

– Dr. Barbara E. Ofori-Kyereh, Director, Verity Healthcare Limited

Case management

Clinical intervention

CHC/AQP Commissioning

Neurological care

Exceptional capacity for faster and better healthcare delivery…

Verity Healthcare has a large team of specialist clinicians, registered nurses and high trained healthcare assistants with profound expertise to deliver the best kind of home care for many different complex healthcare conditions. Each of our managers and senior staff have at least 20 years of experience of working in the NHS and local authorities and can draw on this  great worth of experience and expertise to work with commissioners to offer exceptional home care services.

We’re able to provide a comprehensive range of  home and nursing care services, including:

  • Condition-led care – from short-time visits and up to around the clock care
  • Domiciliary care – single or double-hand care, solo visits to several times a day
  • Emergency care – intensive fast track services in meeting out-of-hours emergencies
  • End-of-life and palliative care – pain management for ensuring dignity for complex medical needs
  • Live – in care – 24-hr care or support from a skilled care assistant who lives with a person in his or her home

Effective Strategies for Effective Delivery

Commissioning teams can be assured that when they work with Verity Healthcare, they’re selecting a home care provider with the capacity and capabilities for delivering the best healthcare solutions.  Our expertise, facilities and resources for delivering exceptional home care services include:

  • Modern technology and IT solutions – for innovation in managing data, reporting and sharing information for better services. We’re able use tele-care, navigation machines and robotics to achieve better outcomes
  • Exceptional Staffing capacity – unique team of well-trained, highly qualified and skilled care managers, nurses, carers to provide continuity of home care services
  • Rapid response team – dedicated team of staff with clinical expertise to provide fast track palliative care and manage planned or emergency hospital discharges to  help meet and exceed meet hospital bed relief targets
  • Comprehensive and bespoke care packages – person-centred, flexible extensive nurse-led care, palliative care, paediatric care delivered to meet client’s specific needs
  • Exceptional working partnership – professional and flexible senior managers and healthcare experts and advisors develop supportive relationship for delivering essential healthcare services at home
  • Robust quality assurance process – we hold ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 for organisational quality assurance. Our Investors in People award demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability, governance and high quality services
  • Fully managed and regulated service expert managers and independent inspectors continually monitor the services offered through regular announced and unannounced visits, face-to-face supervisions, feedback from clients and expert advisors. All our services are regulated by Care Quality Commission
  • Cost-effective service – we offer cost-effective home care pricing and modest transactions that prevent excesses and loses.

For further discussions, please contact our expert managers or call us on 0203 643 5295

Motivation for Excellence in Service Delivery

As a health care organisation driven by the motivation for excellence in home care delivery and the many years of experience in working with continuing healthcare (CHC) and local authority commissioning teams mean we have capacity to deliver same-day emergency home care services.

We’ve managed several funds for clients including personal budget, personal health budgets and direct budget have the facilities and expertise to work with commissioning teams and clients whatever their funding options are.

We’re always here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. Get in touch with us today on 0203 643 5295


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