Domiciliary Care

Exceptional care at home

Verity Healthcare domiciliary care team is available to you receive the best of care to enable you to stay at home at home for as long as possible. No place like home, the cherished place.

Recent research shows that over 92% of all adults and young people will prefer to remain  and receive appropriate support  and care to meet their needs and preferences at home. If you or your loved ones need help with day-to-day tasks so that you or your loved one can live comfortably at home, our domiciliary care team are at hand to help you.

We’ve carefully selected and trained carers, health care assistants and nurses to support you with a range of tasks to meet your needs and preference so you can live independently at home.  Our team do not just perform tasks, they share your interest and work in becoming a part of your family. They will gently encourage to do things for yourself, share your laughter and engaging in social activities with you.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is any form of care that’s provided to enable a  person either older or younger to stay in their own home instead of going into residential care.  Our domiciliary care is not just for the elderly but for children, young people and people with different care and support needs.

Verity Healthcare domiciliary care team provides regular support with different daily tasks including getting out of bed, having a bath or shower, dressing or completing other household tasks.  We believe that our exceptional domiciliary care workers won’t  just assist with daily tasks such as the laundry, cooking, washing and dressing, but also provide emotional  and support to clients. They’re ready to support you and bring laughter and reassurance to you.

What we can offer

We’re able to provide a wide range of domiciliary care services to people of all age. We’re already supporting hundreds of people who have been discharged from hospital and need assistance to recuperate or anyone with long-term illness who need assistance with daily living activities. We know that getting help with these things can make a big positive difference to your life and enable you live independently and in dignity at home.


Our dynamic and committed care staff can visit you several times in a day, stay over at night or live-in with you to help you receive assistance around the clock. No matter your needs, we’re able to help.  Prior to allocating one of our highly trained and skilled domiciliary carer or nurse to assist you, we will visit you to chat through your needs, assess and understand your needs and preferences  and how you want the support to be provided in greater detail. This way, we’re able to provide you with choice and match a carer or nurse to meet your needs, interests and preferences.

Helping you with a wide range of care and support

Our care and nursing staff are noted to be highly skilled and they do really care! They are able to help  you or your relative with a wide of activities such as:

  • Transfer issues such as getting in and out of bed in the morning and throughout the day
  • Personal and incontinence care including toileting changing pad, bathing, washing, applying lotions, using continence aids
  • Dressing and undressing and changing clothes and beddings when necessary
  • Maintaining personal appearance, such as brushing your or your relative’s hair
  • Preparing meals and drinks and helping with eating and drinking so that you or your relative have enough nutrition
  • Managing, administering and prompting to take medication including picking up prescriptions
  • Nursing care from a registered nurse to administer medicine and provide treatment
  • Running errand such shopping with, or on your behalf, collecting pensions and paying bills
  • Social companionship, recreation, supervision and social outing so that you can get out of the house and meet friends
  • Complex care including diabetes care, tracheostomy care, catherization, PEG and NG feeding and use of suppositories

We know that getting help with these things can make a huge different in your or your loved one life. Our manages will come around often to ensure that high standards of care do not slip.


We’re here 7 days a week to help. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 with our specialist domiciliary care team to discuss your needs or the needs of your loved.

Our approach to deliver high quality domiciliary care

We know that there are several care agencies providing home care across the country but we have resolved not to become just a statistic. We’re not an agency but a care provider that carefully selects and trains its staff to provide home care. We’re determined to provide domiciliary care services that are unique to you or your loved one because you’re unique. We work with several local authority social services, NHS clinical commissioning team and private organisations and individuals to implement a highly personalised homecare plans that work for individuals.  Care plans are regularly reviewed so that it meets your changing needs.

Our specialist domiciliary care team are determined to ensure that the care provided has to be personalized, safe, effective and responsive to you and your needs so that you can recuperate and live independently, healthily and contented. You’re the one at the centre of care. It’s all about what you want – what services you want, when you want it, how you want and who should support you.

Our personalization approach to delivering high quality domiciliary care means you’re supported to making decisions about your care rather that  the care being prescribed by someone else. This means that the services we provided could be as simple as visiting to help you take medication or prepare meals to live-in care where you will have a compassionate care worker living with you in your home to help you with a range of homecare activities.

Why many people are choosing Verity Healthcare

As a pacesetting and a leader in providing personal and nursing care, Verity Healthcare have created a niche for excellence in providing a range of outstanding homecare services. Over the past years, we have become the organization of first choice and the lead partner in providing high quality and bespoke  care services across the nation. We’re considered distinct and unique because we are fully focused on:

  • Implementing bespoke services that promote independence and upholds the dignity and confidentiality for all
  • Offering flexibility of service with wide range of options such as short-term and long-tern services
  • Providing high quality services to improving the health of our clients
  • Adding value and securing cost-effective packages for couples
  • Providing a quick turnaround services so none of our clients is without the best of care
  • Delivering around the clock care and support with a dedicated team on-call 24/7 each day
  • Recruiting, training and retaining the best of care workers and registered nurses with diverse experts and experience
  • Making use of modern technology to enable all our clients to have access to the information about their care
  • Creating a local presence and becoming the community hub for outstanding healthcare services
  • Offering fully regulated and quality assured services that continually raise standards of care

What does domiciliary care cost?

Our cost of care is absolutely clear. We offer no hidden cost You might be surprised at the how reasonable our care cost. And you can be rest assured that you will received the best of care that is fully regulated, quality assured and managed by a team of excellent staff who are always at hand to help you.

Often people have been given cheap headline figures which are attractive but later found that small prints that come with such figures hurt. We’ll always make sure that you should know the cost of your care from the onset. There are no referral or consultation fees, no administrative fees, no set up costs and no hidden charges.

We’ve published our price list. Click on our price lists to see our domiciliary care fees and live-in care costs. The prices may differ based on your individual care and support needs, so please contact our dedicated team on 0203 643 5295 for complete breakdown of the cost of care and funding options available to you.


Below are a selection of testimonials and recommendation given by our clients.

“I hope you don’t mind but I want you tell how brilliant the care staff and the managers are. They go far above and beyond what is expected. You are wonderful people. I cannot fault anything you do. Without your care I won’t be here. I will surely recommend Verity Healthcare anytime I have the opportunity to do so”

– Florence, M. an elderly, London

“Myself and my family cannot thank you enough. The girls have been brilliant looking after David. I know David is looking down and blessing these girls every day. It was his wish that Verity Healthcare were mentioned in his thanksgiving service. Verity Staff attending his funeral made all the difference. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you all”

– Suzanne W., wife of client, Essex


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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