Recruitment and Marketing roles

Brilliant career prospects

We’re attracting great candidates to fill numerous vacant positions. We need exceptional recruiting and marketing professionals to support our recruitment drive.

If you believe that you possess great marketing skills to apply to our recruitment processes, the we want to hear from you. The effective recruitment and marketing officer will possess skills and expertise to incorporate and apply marketing strategies as part of our recruitment drive to catch the attention of the most qualified candidates and retain then in our medical, healthcare and corporate function fields.

We believe well-planned and effective recruitment and marketing strategies are essential in attract the best of great talents who will be the powerful and consistent source of competitive advantage in our business. You’ll have an enviable role to undertake  recruitment campaigns that encourage and attract qualified candidates to apply for an open position and join Verity Healthcare.

 Marketing our company, its direction, visions and goals to prospective candidates is strategically important as selling the company impacts the overall direction of the business in the long term. You’ll need to have the skills and competencies to take advantage of:

  • Job posting websites
  • Social media
  • mail marketing
  • Cold call prospective clients
  • Gather referrals

We’re looking for a highly self-motivated and creative recruiter with a “can-do” attitude to attract competent people to fill several positions as  part of the company’s vision to achieve

to business growth across UK.  In return, we’ll create the opportunity for you to adopt innovative approaches to develop your role in support of our business plans for better outcomes for Verity Healthcare.

Exceptional recruitment and marketing position

We find the recruitment and marketing position as an exceptional role in delivering our vision and achieving our purpose. We’re looking for a high performing professional who will treat prospective candidates like our best customers.

The recruitment and marketing executive will be someone who understands and apply the cost/benefit analysis to every hire. The appointed individual will have the responsibility to strengthen and promote the company’s brand with content marketing.

We’ve implemented a robust business plan to support our goal of being award-winning homecare organisation of first choice in the UK. To support our drive for growth, development and success, we need a resilient recruitment and marketing personnel to  recruit and retain highly competent individuals to support our vision.

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Become the outstanding hirer

You’ll be working with one of the fastest growing company in UK with clear vision and  commitment to establishing several branches of Verity Healthcare in London and across UK to offer the highest quality of homecare services.  When you join us, you’ll be part of a cohesive team with aspiration to create and promote a brand that appeals to people.

You’ll  be a member of the local leadership team and be expected to contribute to discussions and decisions for promoting our brand and services that we offer. You’ll be making strategic decisions to establish robust recruitment and marketing programmes to  attract and retain the best of applicant to help grow the business.

Commitment and dedication to making a positive impact on the recruitment processes of the company are highly essential. The recruitment and marketing executive will be someone who’ll adopt creative approaches to implement strategies for engaging with other organisations  to ensure continuous flow of applicants and placement of highly competent staff in different roles.  There is room for innovation and

Benefits for the position

The right recruitment and marketing executive will be joining a friendly and warming company where every member of staff is valued and appreciated. Our recruitment and marketing team is the most crucial department within the organisation.  We’ll create the opportunity to flexibility and innovation; and your effectiveness will be rewarded.  The benefits and rewards available include:

  • Be part of a leading and fast growing company in the UK
  • Comprehensive induction and on-going training
  • Recruitment and marketing training
  • A well-defined and fast track career pathway
  • Be part of friendly, supportive and well organised team
  • Competitive salaries and bonus scheme
  • Generous Pension scheme and life assurance scheme
  • Confidential and supportive advice through employee assistance programme
  • Generous holidays package

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