Knee and hip replacement care

Expert knee and hip replacement aftercare

After knee and hip replacement surgery, you’re likely to feel some pain, and be inactive for a while. We offer expert post-surgical care to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Knee and hip replacement surgery is a routine surgical operation that involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint to help improve mobility and alleviate pain. However, recovering from knee and hip replacement surgery may time, often weeks and sometimes months. We’re here to provide support with post-op recovery and aftercare, particularly supporting you with day-to-day tasks, pain medicine management and motion exercises in the comfort of your home.

Our nurse-led team has many years’ experience of providing reablement support and aftercare for you to recover from knee and hip replacement. They will support you with a strengthening and walking programme, initially in your home and later outside, to slowly increase your mobility and endurance. Our staff have been trained and are highly skilled to support to resume normal household activities, as well as sitting, standing, and walking up and down stairs.
We work with individuals and families to create relaxed settings and atmosphere that provides the perfect place to receive award-winning support from highly trained, friendly and expert care staff and nurses.

Our services go far beyond traditional homecare and provide effective and evidence-based care through our close working relationship with other healthcare professionals like physiotherapist, GPs and speech therapist.   We’re committed to providing the best standards of care that meets your needs, interest and preferences.


We’ll offer reablement care, respite care and emergency care to help you to recover from knee and hip replacement surgery. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options.

Options for surgery aftercare

More people are now receiving knee and hip replacement operation. After surgery can be major medical complications, such as heart attack or stroke, if appropriate aftercare is not provided. With the right level of specialist care from our specialist nurse-led, everyone who has had surgery should be able to recuperate in their own home after the operation. Receiving support at home, the environment where you feel most comfortable and close to our loved ones helps for a smooth recovery.

As each person has a different need, we offer a wide range of aftercare services that are completely flexible to provide choice and promote flexibility. You or your loved one may choose to arrange support for the first few challenging days and weeks after an operation. There is also the option of providing support on an ongoing basis until you’re fully recovered.

Whatever your preference, our nurse-led team is at hand to make your recovery smooth by giving you the right level of support. Our range of support include:

  • Emergency care: to provide urgent help especially when you have had emergency discharge or when an emergency has arisen
  • Live-in care: to have full-time caregiver to live in your home, for just a few days so you can get back on your feet
  • Visiting care: where a highly skilled healthcare assistant will visit at certain times of the day when you need the extra support
  • Reablement care: specialist care worker helps to exercise as per the prescription from the physiotherapist
  • Respite care: to have an expert replacement carer to step in when your usual carer needs a break or is unable to support you.

We’re here to discuss your options. Call us on 0203 643 5295 to find out more or  email us You can request a callback and we’ll return your call.

Hip or knee replacement aftercare

Despite the procedure  of hip and knee replacement being short, the after care for the surgeries can take anywhere from weeks to months. To aid in providing a smoother recovery, Verity Healthcare care workers can assist you or your loved one with:

  • Physiotherapy exercises: supporting you with moving and handling activities and in using wheelchair, walking stick or Zimmer frame to strengthen your joints
  • Improving mobility: safely supporting you with standing, sitting and moving from room to room
  • Promoting nutrition: cooking or collecting food shopping
  • Performing domestic chores such as washing up, vacuuming, washing laundry
  • Providing personal care including, bathing and changing clothes
  • Life skills development – supporting with learning new skills, education and work aspirations
  • Medicine management – assistance with taking the right medicines as prescribed to improve health and wellbeing
  • Encouragement to relearn skills and do things for yourself to maintain your independence
  • Running errands such as collecting prescriptions or helping with the food shopping


Our friendly, highly experienced, team members understand that it’s natural to have many questions and reservations when deciding whether to receive support at home.


Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your needs or  email us You can request a callback and we’ll return your call.


“I recovered so quickly, the medical professionals were surprised. This is all because Verity Healthcare support team supported me with excellent services. Thank you, team. Continue with such excellent services. The sky is your limit”
– Angela, Verity Healthcare client.

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