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Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh

Managing Director – Verity Group Limited

BSc (Hons), DipEd, MSc, MA, DEd, DDiv

After graduating with a BSc (Hons) Biological Science and Diploma in Education, Samuel worked with a several non-governmental organisations. He worked as a Country Programme Manager for United Nations & Save the Children Family Health programme. Later, he graduated with Masters degree in Public Health; worked as a teacher and Headship in several schools in London and visiting lecturer of leadership development at various universities. Being concerned about the health and social care predicaments, Samuel and his wife Barbara resolved to set up Verity Healthcare to provide exceptional homecare services for people of all ages. Drawing on the great mix of professional and academic capabilities, Verity Group Limited has been set to encompass various companies that provide essential services to communities. As a non-Executive member of 100 FTSE company and consultant to various cooperation, Samuel is sharing his expertise and making positive contribution to human development.

Dr. (Mrs) Barbara Esther Ofori-Kyereh

Co-Director – Verity Healthcare Limited

BSc (Hons), DipEd, MSc, MA, PhD

Having worked on USAID sponsored project to support vulnerable women and young people and later working in many SEND and mainstream schools in London, I became concern about the health and wellbeing on young people and children. I have always aspire to implement programmes that practically impact on the lives and achieve better outcomes for people of all ages and backgrounds. I am very passionate at enhancing and extending the livelihood of people by offering therapeutic and lifestyle services that improve the medical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical wellbeing of people. That’s why in 2015, I left my position as a Deputy Headteacher of a Girl’s School in London, with the aim of helping Verity Healthcare to provide exceptional services that meet the needs of people. Championing the course of the vulnerable is my passion, hence pursuing the goal of Verity Healthcare.


The leadership of Verity Healthcare have in-depth insight into the state of medical health of many people; such insight was matched with the understanding that we had of the care industry until we required care for a family member. Although, words such as ‘flexible’, ‘person-centred’, ‘high quality service’ and ‘bespoke’ are used plentifully in the health and social care sector, we found that in reality, these words were used only ‘loosely’ without real commitment to people who required care.

Consequently, we undertook a research study of the health and social care services available to the people and came to the conclusion that we needed to be involved practically by setting up and providing care services that are truly flexible, personalized and available to people as and when they needed the services. Indeed, we have come to the stark reality that running a care company is an easy and small means mission, however we have found that there is always a way out to improve of the quality of services to people.

Our working principle is that care is not simply a job and something that is done to an individual but valuing people as individuals and giving them choice and control over the sort of care they will like to have. Our goal is to support health and social care organizations to maintain highly skills workforce to provide consistent high quality services to the populace.

– Dr. Samuel Ofori-Kyereh, Executive Director, Verity Group

As our professional background demonstrated, by some reason, we feel wired improve the lives of people and so always being involved in ventures that  we’ve always been involved in looking after people and trying to help them improve their lives. Our career profile both in the UK and abroad is derived from our advocacy and community project development in improving the lives of people of all ages. We have always been involved in taking practical actions and seek better ways on changing people’s lives on a daily basis.
Setting up  and running Verity Healthcare  is a fulfilment of our dream to make positive changes to people’s lives by improving their health and wellbeing.  That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of health and social care services for people of all ages (0-65+) and to meet the needs of the wider communities.

Nursing care

Live-in care

Dementia care

We pride ourselves to be one of the very few health and social care organizations which is set up and run by health and social care professionals, each with at least 20 years of experience. Verity Healthcare provide specialist and complex care services to enable our clients who are living with challenging conditions such as MS, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and various neurological conditions.

Our philosophy is that if the quality of care is not good enough for any of us and a family member then that service is not good enough for anyone. That’s why we are focused on providing homecare services which are genuinely person-centred, flexible and focused on promoting independence dignity, choice and independence for all our clients. We are focused on being the pacesetting and the organization of first choice in offering a wide range of health care services in the wider local communities.

We support people to remain as independent as possible whilst at their most vulnerable. We are rewarded with so much positive feedback as we help turn customer’s lives around. They discover the possibilities of being able to live life as fully and independently as possible. We help our customers face a huge range of health challenges including stroke, brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s and people living with all forms of dementia along with other neurological conditions. We strongly believe that with the right level of support, peoples’ lives can blossom so that they can live healthier and contented lives.

As a family run care company, we’re keen on providing family values, where we work to become part of the individual’s life and his or her family. Since we registered with Care Quality Commission in August 2011, we have established several services in London, Essex, Kent Buckinghamshire and Birmingham. We’re growing from strength to strength and promoting our core values of always delivering services that meet the needs and preferences of clients.

We do this by recruiting, retaining and maintaining highly qualified and dedicated team nurses, care assistantand allied health professionals such as psychotherapist and standalone occupational and physiotherapist. Together, we have supported several hundreds of people and we are proud of the many achievements.

As locally based homecare organisation, we have a better healthcare surveillance and deeper understanding of local homecare needs of the communities we serve. Consequently, our local offices work in close partnership with our clients and their families and friends as well as commissioners and other local organisations to agree better ways of offering services that are well coordinated, safe and effective in meeting the health and social care needs of people in their homes.

Stewart, J – Hereford – Verity Healthcare client

17th June 2019 @ 13:13

Verity Healthcare is a care company that means business. The Customer Services Manager is fantastic. She and her team always answer the phone and respond to correspondence promptly. They always listen to any issues and act on them immediately. On the whole, the carers do a wonderful job. I do appreciate everything you do for my mum.


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

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