Our purpose and values

Serving and Supporting You is Our Joy
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Our purpose

Our purpose is serving and supporting to live in healthily and independently and be contented in life because we ensure that clients are our focus and are at the heart of everything that we do. We aim to provide person-centred care that addressed the needs, preferences and aspirations of our clients.

We’re one of the fastest growing homecare providers and increasing providing care to hundreds of people each day in clients’ homes, hospitals, hospices and clinics.  As an equal employer, we’re a champion for sourcing and placing highly trained, skilled and dedicated medical, health and social care professionals in health care markets; in producing high quality services, making health care easily accessible, efficient and safe to all patients and clients.

We’ve opened business office with our associate businesses in Canada, USA and Ghana. Our business plan guides our business development goal to run medical centres such as clinics, dental centres, hospitals and care homes in the UK and overseas.

We began our business journey in 2008 and are still determined to pursue our purpose of providing health education and services to prevent ill health and to people with daily living tasks in the local community.


I’m extremely happy with the care that I’m receiving. Keep on with excellent that you do. I receive care from the carers that I like. They’re very patient and kind; and provide care the way I want it. We’re a team. I discuss things with the carers, coordinators and the managers and as at team we make the necessary changes to my care to meet my changing needs. I am really grateful that the carers accept me as I am and understand my needs and preferences. I feel safe and don’t worry anymore about my care. Thank you so much for your support.

– Johnson, A. North London – Verity Healthcare client

Our purpose and values

Our clients’ health and wellbeing are a priority to us. We’re focused on ensuring that you continue to live in your home, a place where you want to be. Our polite, respectful and dedicated will support you to live in dignity and remain independent.

Our values

Our values are central in modelling the way we operate as an organisation and deliver the best homecare services for our clients customers and the community in general. Our values are visible testament to our commitment in making verity Healthcare the homecare provider of first choice in the UK and globally care achieving excellence in our area of operation.

Promote Transparency

As an inspiring and one of the leading homecare provider, we strive for open conversations and honest communication with anyone with engages as prat of our duty of condour. We celebrate diversity and embrace people from diverse backgrounds. We treat all people equally without favouritism or discrimination. We’re focused on being authentic - being true to ourselves and promoting genuineness and honesty in what we say and do. We’ve bounded ourselves to always act with unquestionably integrity.

Deliver Excellence

We’re determined to stand out of the crowd by raising the bar on quality and giving value to our clients and communities. We set ambitious targets and promote “can-do” attitude to achieving excellence as we provide award-winning services to all people. We carefully measure and review our decisions in order to build on our strengths, exploit opportunities and address drawbacks and eliminate threats to business.

Embrace Quality

In line with our mission, we’re dedicated to providing high quality services for all our clients so that they gain memorable experiences when dealing with us. We strive at all times for honesty and integrity when offering services seeing these as our duty of care and the hallmarks of what we stand for as an organisation. We continually review our services and ensure that we are compliant with the regulatory requirements. We’re continuously improving our practices to secure the best quality and value.

Promote Accountability

We set clear goals with tangible set of activities that need to be achieved to achieve our goal. All staff are to be responsible always, take ownership and make things happen. We set high expectations for ourselves and strive for the highest standards to achieve better outcomes. We’re continuing seeking innovative ways of achieve effectiveness. We encourage the need to make positive choices or decisions to act and think deeply about the consequences and the benefits of each choice.

Pursue Growth

Our business goal is to ensure that as many people as possible receive the best quality service that we offer. We’re therefore focused on growth and innovation so we can extend our services to many people in different communities. We seek to retain and support the development of our leaders and their teams to development ownership and commitment to the vision of the organisation. We embrace positive change to minimise risks and exploit opportunities for growth.

Inspire Passion

As a company grows, we dare to dream big and revive our ourselves and vision for excellence throughout the entire organization. We challenge and stretch ourselves to go the extra mile at all times and aspire to exceed targets and expectations at all times. Our landmark is the pursuit for excellence and to reward hardwork and commitment to adding value to the organization and delivering outstanding results

We make conscious effort to promote our ethos and the core values that we stand for. The  code of conduct we expect in safeguarding and protecting all our clients are rigorously promoted. All staff have given and briefed on the policies and procedures and expected to consult these documents when performing their duties


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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