A Little Assistance to Brighten up your day!

Our dedicated Personal Assistants will help you to manage
Important things and give you satisfaction in your day

Personal Assistants at hand

Verity Healthcare Personal Assistants (PAs) will assist you with important daily tasks such as picking up the newspaper, posting letters, grocery shopping and running errands to help to make your day enjoyable.

It’s our strongest belief that no one should be left without care because of cost. This is why we offer cost-effective care without compromising the quality of care. We pride ourselves of making exceptional care accessible to and in a timely manner without compromising the quality. We listen to and treat our clients as individuals and response uniquely to their unique needs.

It doesn’t matter what assistance you require; our personal assistants will come around each day or week to keep you company into the community – to the post office, community centre or your social club. If you need a bit more assistance, we can put in place a package of care which fits around your daily schedule. Verity Healthcare staff can visit you for 30 minutes a week or for full-time live-in support.  The support will be tailored around how and when you want it.

Your personal assistant is fully vetted, background checked, supervised and highly trained in customer services to fully focus on your needs and to book  and attend appointments, escort to the local community, help you to get to work, college or university, undertake shopping tasks, complete paperwork and complete concierge services. Your Personal Assistant will be led by your instructions and guidance to provide assistance to meet needs.

My Personal Assistant is very patient and pays attention to detail and so I am now confident to rely on her to complete all my administrative tasks and this has helped me to focus on my hobbies and enjoy life … Read more

Daily assistance and support

Our personal assistants are here to assist with essential everyday tasks related to general life, such as collecting the medication, pick up the newspapers, reminders to paying bills on time, making appointments, arranging transport or actually catching the transport, and tasks around the house which you might otherwise struggle with.

Cost-effective care

Rapid Response to care

Verity Healthcare is fully registered homecare provider which is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other independent bodies. That’s because we believe that in making ourselves accountable we’re able to have those extra eyes and feedback to help us continue to improve and provide high quality services around-the-clock.

My condition deteriorated suddenly, and I needed help urgently. Verity Healthcare urgent care team arrived at my home within 30mins of contacting the frontline team. The manager was caring and reassured me. He organized for the ambulance to come and he escorted me to a hospital

– Dr. (Mrs) Barbara Esther Ofori-Kyereh, Director – Verity Healthcare

By operating according to CQC regulations and other quality assurance processes, we’re focused on providing high quality services that’s safe, effective and responsive to our clients’ needs and to give our clients peace of mind and reassurance around the clock.


Fully regulated and accredited service

Verity Healthcare is endorsed as a Centre of Excellence by The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification and Skills for care for providing excellent training programmes to our staff and the general public.

All our staff complete the UK Care Certificate, a qualification which is recognised by the CQC. In addition, all staff complete mandatory, statutory and specialist trainings to keep themselves updated with new and innovative ways of providing care services. This means that our staff are well trained and skilled to provide homecare services which are safe, efficient and responsive to our clients’ needs.

In addition, our managers and coordinators who are well experienced provide supervisory support to our staff and visit clients to undertake reviews and support high standards of homecare services.

We offer free training to clients and relatives of our clients to ensure that they acquire new skills to help them further understand and support a condition. Our managers offer our clients a trial period, which gives the perfect opportunity to understand if live-in care or other long and short-term care  is the right option.

High skilled & trained care staff

Excellent leadership & management

In keeping with our vision to offer high quality care to as many people as possible, we’re determined to continue to be relevant to communities. That’s why we have invested in our capital base by obtaining essential resources to ensure that we continue to provide high quality services at cost-effective rates.

We have implemented state-of-the art mobile app technology and robust coordinating systems to ensure that we conduct real-time monitoring and be able to resolve issues around attendance and quality of services in real time. This way we are able to offer services that exceed regulatory standards and achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Robust capital base
for growth

Better outcomes for clients

We’re here 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week to help you make informed decisions about the best care for you and your loved ones.

Call 0203 643 5295email us or request a callback and we will return your call

Call us today on 0203 643 5295 for a chat about the several career opportunities at Verity Healthcare. You may request a callback and we’ll call you back to walk you through your options..

I choose to stay with Verity Healthcare because unlike my previous experience, I am respected and treated with dignity. The service is very flexible. The care staff are never in a rush to leave. They arrive on time and spend the whole time allocated to me. They are innovative in using time. Now, I have recovered and doing many things for myself

– Mr. John Barnes – East London

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Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you. Call us today on 0203 643 5295 for a chat about the several career opportunities at Verity Healthcare. You may request a callback and we’ll call you back to walk you through your options..

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