Respite care

Real respite break to get refreshed

Main carers do fantastic jobs for loved ones and must have well-deserved break. That’s when you need a break, you can fall on us so that you can have a good time for yourself.

Verity Healthcare acknowledge that regular carers do amazing work and deserve commendation and every bit of support so they can carry on supporting lived ones. So, we believe that every carer needs a break from time to time to recharge their battery so they can continue to do the invaluable work for loved ones.

Our care assistants and support workers are well-trained, caring, polite and are fully committed to offer respite care. There is no limit to the circumstances or reasons for taking up respite care.

Our respite care services are completely personalized and flexible for as long as you need it, whether that for a few days or for several weeks. Carers work very closely with families to help parents overcome the problems they experience. The level of services and support to be provided all depends on the needs and preferences of the individual, as everyone requires a different level of care.

Nature of respite care

Verity Healthcare respite care team are available to step in for a few hours; a couple of days or around the clock care so that carers can complete other things for themselves and to enjoy a well-deserved rest. We’re here to help even in the cases of emergency so that you do not need to worry about your loved when you have to be away for a while.

In situations, where after an operation, the person that the carer looks after requires increased assistance., we’re here to help.  Respite care can be agreed for a few days to a number of weeks.  The nature of respite care and the requirement can be different from carer to carer. We’ll want with you to decide what is best for you and your loved one.

Whether you require cover a short-term or long-term holiday, a short break or urgently need a carer to step in for a few days because of illness or life emergency, we’re here to help.

Why you might need respite care

As much as we love of relatives and like to look after them time and time again, you need to look after yourself as well so that you can continue to look after your loved one even better. This is why you might need respite care. We’re here to help you:

Experience a change of scenery

Just as enjoying different interesting activities are helpful to your health, a simple change of scenery can be extremely stimulating for carers looking after loved ones.  Verity Healthcare staff can step in so that you take time off and enjoy a change in scenery to help you rejuvenate and gain strength to continue to look after loved ones.

Socialise with friends and relatives

Caring for loved ones is most likely to take us away from social life. But life should be lived that way mainly because you are looking after a loved one. This is why respite care is one of the most beneficial aspects of enabling carers to take a break so that carers can have the opportunity for social interaction. Respite care are often best enjoyed on a regular basis, for example after few months to enable carers to interact with other people and forge friendships which in turn will provide helpful support.

Enjoy renewed energy

The health and the well-being of carers are just as important as that of the relative or family member they are caring for. If a carer becomes stressed and worn-out, the chances are that they will not be able to offer high quality of care to their loved ones. A decent respite care will ensure a carer gets time off to relax and recuperate and return to their caring duties with renewed energy.  This helps to improve the quality of services that carers offer their loved ones and also helps to maintain a strong bond between carer and the person being cared for.

Enjoy new life experiences

As well as giving carers the opportunity to enjoy new relationships and improving social life, a respite care break can also offer the carer the chance to take part in motivating and meaningful  fun and leisure activities for mental and physical stimulation.

Such activities enhance carers’ well-being and feelings of self-worth and gives motivation to provide high quality care consistently.

Prepare for long-term homecare services

Having frequent respite care breaks can prepare a person to better transition to full-time home care. Short respite breaks can make a person to become accustomed to the way care is arranged at home and acts as a trial-run when health and social care services at home.

Our dedicated team can be reached anytime of the day. Get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team and one of our handpicked member of staff will be happy to talk you through the various options.

Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your needs or  email us

Respite care service we offer

Respite care that we provide are intended to a substitute to the care package already in place or we can make recommendation for changes based on outcomes of care assessment. Respite care is provided either as:

  • Visiting care where respite care worker will for a number of hours each day or each week
  • Live-in care which involves a care worker living in your home to offer support and keep company day and night
  • Nurse-led care where a registered nurse will visit to help with nursing care

Verity Healthcare respite care work with the full assurance that your relative will be looked after well. Care workers and registered nurse can support your loved one with tasks as:

  • Personal care, such as getting into and out bed, bathing, shaving, dressing, undressing and many more
  • Household activities including light cleaning, laundry, change bedding
  • Food preparation – cooking meals and ensuring that your loved one has had enough food and drink
  • Administering, prompting and managing medication
  • Keep your loved ones company to social outings or medical appointments
  • Catheter, stoma and continence care
  • Mobility and transfer support to help move around in the house and outdoors if that’s possible
  • Nursing care including administering medications, help with PEG / NG feeding, tracheostomy care

Our children’s care assistants will engage your child or children with a range of activities such as

  • Sensory activities
  • Story telling and singing
  • Visit to the hydropool
  • Sitting – in service
  • Personal assistant support

Your preferred care worker who shares your personality and preference will assist you and your loved one with all the things you normally do daily. They may visit you regularly throughout the day or can stay in the home with your loved one. Respite care will be completely tailored to you, your needs and preferences.

Get in touch today and our friendly respite care team will be at hand to help you.


“I have always felt uncomfortable living [my husband] with some I have not known personally.  But the moment I met Amanda, we connected so much that my fears left me.  She was so lovely, knew more about what needed to be done for JH [my husband] and  she really cares. I was put at ease and I have since had Amanda to provide respite care to JH [my husband] on 4 other occasion she has been excellent on each occasion”.

– Rosalie,  Essex

“Verity Healthcare are doing a superb work that should be commended. When I needed a respite care for my mum because I have to travel to Australia, I found Verity Healthcare online. I had not heard of Verity Healthcare but none of the care companies with big names were willing to help at short notice. When I contacted Verity Healthcare, the lady on the phone was no nice and polite. Soon after the Care Manager got in touch with me as was promised. Verity Healthcare assessment team visited the following and conducted a thorough assessment and agreed a care plan with me and my mum. Angela, the care assistant visited to see my mum before starting to help. I felt assured that my mum will be in capable hand.  I travelled without any concerns.  When I retuned, my mum was in a better shape and was so happy than when I was here.  Thank you Verity Healthcare. Thank you Amanda.

– Tracy, Hereford in Herefordshire

Get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team and one of our handpicked member of staff will be happy to talk you through the various options.

Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options or  email us or request callback


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