Delivering exceptional Homecare services

We support staff to develop excellent skills and understanding through our award-winning training programmes at our Centre for Excellence.

Verity Healthcare are determined to continue to offer exceptional homecare services that are professional and acceptable to you and your family.  Our goal is to deliver the best possible care for every single person that comes into contact with us through any of our branches. It’s always a pleasure to receive positive comments and feedback for our clients, their families and the general public.  We have captured some of the overwhelming positive comments that we receive every day here.

Stella, C, Essex  – Verity Healthcare Client

12th October 2019 @ 13.41

I am highly impressed with Verity Healthcare staff. They visit promptly. Their managers visit at least every month and sometimes more often. Their assessment process is thorough. My dad feels safe. He cried every day when he was taken to into residential facility. He wanted his carer to look after. Superb care from a wonderful person [carer].

Mike, D. East London – Verity Healthcare client

15th September 2019 @ 11.03am

We have extraordinary care service put in place immediately. A dedicated team of care staff arrived with genuine enthusiasm to support my dad. They were very professional, matured and exceptional at what they do. They arrived with a Care manager and Team Leader and explained everything that needed to be done. The care plan they put in place can be used by anybody to offer outstanding care. As a family we have complete peace of mind. Quickly, an excellent professional relationships were nurtured and maintained throughout the period of care. They did not only support my dad they supported me too to deal with the emotional difficulties I faced. Thank Verity Healthcare. You ladies are star. Keep on with excellent that you do. You’ll be surely rewarded.

Tatiana, B Essex – Verity Healthcare client

05thSeptember 2019 @ 13.41

Verity Healthcare is an outstanding Healthcare agency. The Social Services could not find any agency that could provide Russian speaking carers. Verity Healthcare found me 3 Russian Speaking carers and they [the carers] are brilliant. They are very professional and efficient with real commitment of caring for people. I find that the company and its staff adopt a very flexible approach to supporting the changing needs of people. The carers and the managers do things from their heart. They are genuine and genuinely support people. The carers offer my mum reassurance. I have never seen my mum laugh in many years but since the carers arrived she’s always laughing and she has become chatty and engaging. I am so happy to see my mum this way. The care provided is making a real impact on my mum’s health and daily living. I can get on with what I aspire to achieve without worrying. I highly recommend and commend Verity Healthcare .

Johnson, A. North London – Verity Healthcare client

23thAugust 2019 @ 19:37

I’m extremely happy with the care that I’m receiving. Keep on with excellent that you do. I receive care from the carers that I like. They’re very patient and kind; and provide care the way I want it. We’re a team. I discuss things with the carers, coordinators and the managers and as at team we make the necessary changes to my care to meet my changing needs. I am really grateful that the carers accept me as I am and understand my needs and preferences. I feel safe and don’t worry anymore about my care. Thank, Thank, Thank you so much for your support.

Debbie, W. Croydon – Verity Healthcare client

11thAugust 2019 @ 10.56am

The carers are very good at what they do. They are flexible, competent and kind. Mum is very happy with every one of the carers. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous – Southgate – Verity Healthcare client

28thJuly 2019 @ 11:13am

To confess we have horrible family dynamics and none of the previous agencies have managed to cope beyond the first week but this agency [Verity Healthcare] has been working with my mum for nearly 2 years. The management is excellent. They care about the people and the whole family. To say the carers are fantastic is a gross understatement. They are wonderful bunch of ladies – real human beings.

Debbie, W. Enfield – Verity Healthcare client

21thJuly 2019 @ 08.34am

The carers are very good at what they do. They are flexible, competent and kind. Mum is very happy with every one of the carers. Keep up the good work.

Susanne, W – Chingford – Verity Healthcare client

08thJuly 2019 @ 16:11

On behalf of the family, I thank you all the staff at Verity Healthcare – Waltham Forest for the excellent support you provided to my dad. I know my dad is looking down and blessing these you all every day. It was his wish for us to extend his thanks to all the carers especially Jessica. They had an excellent relationship and it was sad to see Jessica cry her heart out during the funeral. . We appreciate all the many things did for dad and the whole family during the challenging times. The level of care was exceptional and dad had a good time with you all.

Stewart, J – Hereford – Verity Healthcare client

17thJune 2019 @ 13:13

Verity Healthcare is a care company that means business. The Customer Services Manager is fantastic. She and her team always answer the phone and respond to correspondence promptly. They always listen to any issues and act on them immediately. On the whole, the carers do a wonderful job. I do appreciate everything you do for my mum.

Florence, M. Kent – Verity Healthcare client

01thJuly 2019 @ 12.56pm

I hope you don’t mind but I want you tell how brilliant the care staff and the managers are. They go far above and beyond what is expected. You are wonderful people.

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