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Delivering bespoke, quality care

Verity Healthcare are relentlessly focused on developing a workforce with behaviours, skills and competencies to ensure that people's preferences, needs and values to guide the care that is respectful and responsive to them.

We’re the leading and pacesetting provider of person-centred homecare, enabling clients to live independent and contended lives. We are inspired by the commitment to delivering the highest quality care serviceand enrich our clients’ lives.

We’re supporting people of all ages to live in dignity intheir own homes – home sweet home. Recognising the significant relief that our services give to individuals and families ignites our motivation and passion for delivering exceptional care every day.

Our purpose and values

Verity Healthcare’s purpose is to help people live independent lives.

 Our values shape our distinct identity, how we operate and work with our clients and other health professionals. Our values inform our beliefs help us deliver a consistent, effective and responsive homecare services to all our clients  right across our business. Our priority is to ensure that that our clients receive exceptional services to develop memorable experiences.

Our Strategy

Our strategy informs our commitment to secure positive experiences for our clients

Verity Healthcare are fully committed to delivering high quality care in achieving safety for clients and organizational growth so that we can continue to provide  essential services to all people. Our capital investment enables us to achieve better performance and making..

Our history

Verity Healthcare’s vision is to secure better health outcomes for people.

We began in 2008 in London, England with the aim  of providing health education and services to prevent ill health and to support people with daily living tasks in the local community. Since then, we’ve grown into a vibrant homecare company that’s supporting different forms of homecare services to people of all ages and background across London.  Our new offices have been opened in Canada and USA.

Our business model

Our clients are at the heart of what we do and stand for.

We promote strong and mutual relationships with our clients based on trust to ensure that they make the right health and wellbeing choices.  Our ethos is to protect our clients while we deliver high quality services so they gain better health outcomes at home and within the communities. We are constantly innovating and investing in resources that will enable us deliver ward-winning services.

Why choose Verity Healthcare

Verity Healthcare is your local first choice homecare provider for exceptional care

Our brand is widely known for responding rapidly to emergency care and offering around-the-clock care. We offer fully regulated and quality assured homecare services for better daily living, health and wellbeing outcomes for our clients. Our services are cost-effective, ensuring that  no one is left without care, while at the seam time we secure robust capital base for growth.

Our corporate governance

Verity Healthcare is managed by robust clinical and corporate governance protocols

Our clinical and corporate governance procedures provide  professional and commercial safeguards to ensure business growth and survival. Business accountability is achieved through a set of Non-Executive Directors’ monitoring processes. Our corporate governance demands commitment to achieving best practice.

Our Branches

Our Branches

Our Branches

New & Blog

New & Blog

New & Blog

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to support you and your loved ones to enjoy healthier and contended lives. Ourvalues drive us to deliver a homecare services that exceeds our client’s expectations. This means our carers go the extra mile in supporting our clients with outstanding level of quality care. We are enriching lives through exceptional care and our commitment to clinical excellence. We want to serve you so you can live independent lives; and supporting to visit the community and socialise with others.


“At last, I have found an exceptional company that genuinely sought to understand my requirements from the very beginning. The manager listened to my requirements and true to his word, he found me the  support I so desperately needed. I highly recommend Verity Healthcare. Well done! Keep up the brilliant work, you are brilliant.  – John Stones – Happy Client from Southwark

Award-winning Training

Verity Healthcare deliver exceptional training for the health and Social Care industry. We are endorsed by several Award bodies as a Centre of Excellence and Innovation for the unique contribution to developing the skills of the health and social care workforce. Verity Healthcare are committed to developing the highest standards of training and induction for high quality care.

Remarkable Leadership

The Executive Directors of Verity Healthcare have been recognised for the unique globalleadership in securing and maintaining growth and expansion in the face of unsurmountable challenges. They have won the Global Leadership Award 2018in recognition for the supportive approach for staff development for innovative and excellence.

Investing in People

With the ambition to be a great employer, Verity Healthcare determined to attract, train and retain talented people for achieving exceptional outcomes for the people, institution and businesses.  Achieving the recognition as an Investors In People Employer is a boost to our Employer Branding and Reputation as a go-to employer, a company that looks after its people and attracts the best talent.”

Home care sector-validated

Verity Healthcare is a member if of home care representative bodies such as the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKCHA) and National Association of Providers of Home Care (NAPHC). As part of its contribution, Verity Healthcare contribute to national discussions for improving home care services. The endorsement by these representative means that Verity Healthcare are offering at least good services to all its clients.

Fully compliant with regulations

Every aspect of our service is fully regulated, reviewed and rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In addition, our services are inspected by the Local Authority Contract Teams as well as other regulatory bodies and independent bodies. Overall, our services are rated GOOD with OUTSTANDING features.Our services are passed the Care Inspectorate – Wales assessment and yet to receive fully inspection for offering services in Wales.


“My sister have received care from Verity Healthcare for the past 5 years. I have stayed with Verity Healthcare because the Managers are proactive in assessing and advising appropriate changes to my sister’s care. The carer has been with my sister for 4 years and she understand her needs and how to support her. I cannot rate Verity Healthcare highly enough. A truly outstanding company that cares –June Goodie  -Happy Client from Leyton


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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