Our Commitment

Verity Healthcare are fully committed to delivering cost effective and high-quality services which are safe, responsive and effective to enable our clients to live independently.

We are fully committed to ensure high quality standards. Our compliance approach allows frequent appraisal of our services by the appropriate regulatory bodies. We solicit external reviews and conduct internal evaluation of our control procedures to ensure that every aspect of our services and working approach fully meeting the requirements.

Our commitment informs our strategy to secure positive experiences for our clients. Verity Healthcare are fully committed to delivering high quality care in achieving safety for clients and organizational growth so that we can continue to provide essential services to all people. Our capital investment enables us to achieve better performance and making a difference in the community.

We pride ourselves of the high quality care that we offer everyone because we place you and your loved ones at the centre of everything that we do. As a result our ethos and values are to:

  • Ensure that we work to the industry’s codes of practice
  • Implement stringent policies and procedures
  • Provide safe and caring care to all our customers.
  • Offer all staff the opportunity to improve, excel and achieve high performance
  • Create suitable and thriving working environment for improvement
  • Conduct constant self-review to ensure that we sustain high quality services

Promoting person-centre care

Verity Healthcare are committed to championing the cause of for maintaining well-equipped healthcare staff for offering flexible, personalised and high-quality homecare services that are more affordable and accessible at all times in the national and global market.  Our mission is to be the organization of choice for the delivery of the highest standards of quality services for all patients and service users.

We therefore offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of people of all age groups. We match our staff to clients/patients who share the same interests, hobbies, games, stories and cultural needs. As a homecare organization, we are unwaveringly focused on improving the well-being of all clients we serve by providing outstanding healthcare services offered by outstanding staff, to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Thus, we assign the right staff to the right to offer services at the right time, We provide services at times convenient to clients and in ways that clients find most agreeable. Central to these is our belief that the rights of service users are paramount. Our services are focused on achieving our goal of promoting clients’ independence, dignity, choice and control of services so they attain maximum potential in life. We are relentlessly focused on protecting clients’ well-being and safeguard them from harm. Supporting the right of service user to live normal patterns of life within their own communities and in their homes is a key feature of what we do.

Our Customer Service Promise

The Customer Service Promise is our commitment to you as a customer of Verity Healthcare Limited

We will be reliable and put you first

  • set clear customer service standards so you know what to expect
  • do what we say, on time, and aim to get it right first time
  • keep you informed so you don’t have to chase us
  • act on your feedback and publish the results 

We will make our services convenient for you

  • provide choices on how you can contact us:
  • instantly online – pay, book, apply, report and give feedback
  • quickly – we aim to answer your calls to our 0300 numbers within 5 minutes, and try to sort things out for you there and then
  • steadily –  if you write to us, we aim to reply within 10 working days, or you may be able to make an appointment to speak to someone
  • be open to all e.g. make sure we use accessible venues and plain English
  • provide support if you are a vulnerable person or cannot access the internet 

We will be trustworthy

  • be open and honest about our priorities, policies and performance
  • explain why decisions have been made, so you understand the reasons for them
  • deal with your feedback, say sorry if we get it wrong and aim to put things right
  • treat you with fairness, courtesy and respect
  • maintain your confidentiality and keep your data secure 

We ask you to:

  • treat our staff politely
  • inform us of your views
  • let us know if you have specific things you need help with

There is also an easy read version of the Promise. 

What are we doing to meet the Promise?

  • We have listened to feedback that we need to improve our customer service. The Promise sets out our commitments, and we are working hard to make changes that will deliver a better service to you.
  • Many aspects of our performance are monitored:
  1. Organisational Performance
  2. Customer Service Performance

Our Carers’ Pledge

At Verity Healthcare, we believe that care should be extended to help and support our dedicated team of carers, as well as our wide range of clients. In order to demonstrate our commitment to this we have developed a Carers’ pledge whereby we promise to:

Invest in quality training   

  • Provide ongoing learning and development opportunities such as face-to-face and online sessions
  • Offer excellent induction and shadowing to enable our carers to strengthen their skills and knowledge.
  • Offer supervision regularly to include practical advice and steps for continuous improvement

Recognise our hard-working carers 

  • Provide staff with ample rates of pay which reflect the time it takes to travel to and from a client’s home.
  • Recognise and celebrate the achievement of staff
  • Offer opportunities for promotion and carer development and pathways

Help positively influence societal attitudes towards carers 

  • Promote good practice, and empower our teams to go above and beyond client expectations
  • Provide opportunities to liaise with other agencies to undertake community projects
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and coaching

Listen to and support our carers  

  • Working alongside our carers to ensure as a team we continually deliver exceptionally high standards.
  • Empower carers to take up responsibilities and to speak out their views and whistleblowing where needed.

Support care staff to attend monthly meetings and supervision sessions

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