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Caring for children, adolescents and young people can be difficult but when they are not feeling well, this makes life stressful and daunting.
However, we’re are here to put the right support and care in place, to help you, your child and your family to live happily. Our support could make all the difference.

Verity Healthcare work closely with lots  of children and young people, their parents and families, to provide the highest quality of care including clinical interventions. We have a dedicated team of paediatric nurses, nursery nurses and healthcare assistant who are highly skilled at working with children and young people with a range of complex needs, including epilepsy,  cerebral palsy, heart conditions and congenital conditions.  They are available for day to day visits or 24-hr live-in care services. They’re able to attend different shifts around the clock with excellent handover procedures to ensure that care services for your child or young person is not interrupted.

Our clinical team are specifically trained to manage severe genetic conditions such as Down’s syndrome, brain injury, spinal injury and hydrocephalus.

Clinical intervention

Clinical intervention

Case management

Case management

Neurological care

Neurological care

CHC/AQP Commissioning

CHC/AQP Commissioning

Providing assistance for better outcomes…

We build a package of care with around the child or young person and their families, We keep the child at the centre of everything we do. To make sure that the needs of the child and the young person are met fully, we conduct thorough assessment of the child’s needs and identify any risks associated with providing care.  We put in place a comprehensive support plan which is closely matched to the child’s needs and to help eliminate or minimise any risks associated with the care services.

We continually revise support plans to meet the changing needs of the child as they grow  and develop.  Our paediatric and young people’s team have many years of experience and expertise to support children’s needs through the various  stages of their development, from the very young and their transition into adulthood.

To help alleviate the difficulties of looking after a child with complex needs, we’ve adopted a holistic approach  to work together with the families to provide a service that is family-based to enable children and young people to live and develop  at home and participate fully in ordinary family life.

We’re here 24/7 to help you and your family. Get in touch on 0203 643 5295 or request a call back and we will return your call.

Children and families we support

We understand that every parent considers a great joy to have a child and will like to care for their own children as part of their lifelong emotional, spiritual and psychological commitment. However, there’s a variety of reasons where a parent will benefit from support from carers and support workers. Especially caring for your sick or disabled child at home can be daunting and this is why we’re here to  provide the support that you, your child and the rest of your family need to enable you and your child have meaningful daily living.

Whatever your situation could be– we’re always there to help.

We’ll work with you to  address any concerns  you may have ensure your child has the best of care and to create opportunities for your child to be as independent as possible and develop set of skills.


Our dedicated family and paediatric team will engage with the necessary departments and professionals such as GPs, nurses, case managers and family members to ensure that the care your child and the family receives meets your needs.

We’re able to provide assistance for your child outside of the home, including at school or college and during trips and social activities and in the community. Our staff have accompanied families on holidays to other parts of UK,  Scotland, Europe, Florida, California, Australia and South Africa. This team of staff have been specially trained to keep you company on holidays when required.

Meeting child’s individual needs

Every child’s individual health, social, care, education and development needs should be met skilfully and proficiently with a custom-made care and support plans which are implemented by highly qualified staff.  This is why have carefully chosen a team of paediatric nurses, support workers and nursery nurses to support your child’s needs.

No matter how your care is commissioned either by the local NHS commissioning groups, social services departments or arranged privately, we’re able to help you.

Our nursing team together with carers, support workers and nursery nurses work with

  • children with disabled parents;
  • children and families who require social services contracts and
  • subject to child protection plan;
  • children in care and children and families with dual diagnosis and substance misuse.

We work children and young people with family dynamics, including those with complex health issues, autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities, profound multiple disabilities, severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviours.

We’re continually finding new ways of improving care services. We’ve implemented modern technology and IT solutions to help offer the highest quality service to children and young people. Families are able to keep record of services and request changes easier because of the current technology.

We’re flexible in our approach to offering support, making sure those services are built around the family routine. This means that families can choose what support they required and when they want this service; between term time and school holidays.

A comprehensive range of paediatric services…

We’re committed to providing different healthcare options so that parents  and their families who need support can have choice and flexibility. To meet the different needs of children and young people, we make sure that our nurses and healthcare assistants complete comprehensive training as well as specific, nurse-led training. The training programme enables us to assigned nurses and healthcare assistant with expertise to support  the different and specific needs of children and young people to receive the best possible care in their homes.

Our children and young people team have a wide selection of skills and expertise to help manage health conditions such as:

  • epilepsy management
  • global developmental delays
  • gastrostomy management including stoma care
  • medication management including monitoring effects and liaising with GPs for reviews
  • ventilation and airway management including tracheostomy care.
  • naso-gastric feeding including Peg and Ng feeding

What’s more, you can be rest assured that when the conditions of your child or young person change we will flexibly adapt services to meet their needs.

Levels of support for children and family

” width=”500″ height=”324″ />Our children and family team which comprise highly skilled nurses, case managers, carers, support workers and nursery nurses  help to provide bespoke care services which are holistic in nature in meeting the child’s needs both at home and in the community such as at school, college or on trip. Our goal is to help families and every child to  and out achieve their independence, develop skills and abilities to help them achieve life-long goals and aspirations

For young adults we can provide care and support to live independent and have a good start to adult life by enabling each young person as an individual to stay healthy, happy and safe in the comfort of their own homes.


The level of service and support on offer  depends on the needs of the individual, as everyone requires a different level of care.


Our Child and family team will provide the assurance that their child or children are safeguarded and being looked after well. Support workers will ensure that children are engaged with a range of activities to enjoy, receive personal care, escort child to and from school, giving parents extra respite. Specialist family worker will support parents with parenting skills.


Other specific services that we provide include:

  • Respite care
  • Befriending service
  • Play and social care
  • School and homework support
  • Arts, crafts and outside activities
  • Chaperone and transport
  • Contact supervision
  • Babysitting
  • Wedding cover
  • Holiday support
  • A short notice for night out!

Commissioning services

Verity Healthcare has been working with local authority children’s services, social services and NHS commissioning teams for the past 10 years to deliver children support services. We always work with caution and maintain confidentiality in safeguarding all the children, young people that we work with. We operate a stringent vetting process, implement a thorough child protection policy and have in place a dedicated monitoring team to give you a peace of mind and to ensure that all children and young people are protected from abuse. Our staff have been trained in advanced child care, paediatric first aid, basic life support and safeguarding and protecting children.

We’re always here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. Get in touch with us today on 0203 643 5295

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Case Study 1

Andrew's story: paediatric care gave me better life

Andrew is a 10 year old young person who is diagnosed with infant onset epilepsy due to microcephaly and motor disorder following global developmental delay. He has other medical complications such as dysphagia- fed on gastrostomy, visual inattention and severe learning disabilities. Andrew’s parents initially contacted Verity Healthcare to provide care services on a private arrangement. After the initial assessment, the Care Manager contacted the local continuing healthcare to discuss funding and cost of care as well as housing benefits. After several contacts from the manager the continuing healthcare team agreed to fund Andrew’s care for around the clock nurse-led care at home. Our dedicated paediatric care team implemented the nurse-led care services and supported Andrew with suctioning tracheostomy care and naso-gastric feeding as well as administration of medicines and nutrition through the Peg tubes. Andrew receives personal care support such as bathing and dressing/undressing using different equipment and medical aids.  The team supports Andrew with physiotherapy sessions by  helping in standing and body exercises on standing frame. We have supported Andrew for the past 4 years and care services have been reviewed and updated to meet his changing needs as he grows. Andrew is now living happily at home with his family and responding very positively to our nurse-lead team.


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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