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Our ambition is to ensure people’s whose health conditions change quickly get the right care in the right place, at home, whenever they need it.

Verity Healthcare recognize that UK’s ageing population have increasingly complex needs which is leading to increasing numbers of older people requiring urgent or emergency care at home. We’re understand that many older people are struggling to access the inconsistent array of emergency care services provided at home, outside of hospital.

We’re fully focused on providing responsive, effective and personalised care delivered at home, for those with non-life threatening but require urgent needs and support to meet health and social needs.  We’re focused on providing fast and efficient care at home, to improve client care and help reduce unnecessary A&E attendances.

Our staff have the best expertise and skills to assess people’s health and social needs and implement package of care to reduce risk and maximise chances of survival and good recovery.

If you need health care and support quickly, but you’re stuck, call us now. We can arrange for home care to start within hours of you getting touch during critical times.

We’re available 24 hours, a days; 7 days a week. Please get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team who are on standby to help you talk through your needs quickly.

Expert emergency for you

We’re supporting the health and care system to work together to improve social care and community services. Our dedicated care workers and nurses are fully trained and highly skilled  and are ready to provide care to meet a variety of complex needs of all kinds of people.

We’re supporting the young and the old, the injured and those who have had sudden illness or an accident, or if your carer is unable to arrive.

We’re able to provide emergency respite care for informal carers who look after their loved ones so that the carers can have rest and attend events.

When your circumstances change suddenly and you’re having difficulties to cope with daily living activities and you or your families are wondering what to do, remember we’re here to help, even at the shortest notice.

When you get in touch with us now, we can host of services urgently to make life easier and help to maintain health, or speed up recovery. Our emergency care services include:

  • Domiciliary care for personal care, medication management and companionship
  • Nursing care – support from registered nurse or nurse-led services for managing health conditions
  • Live-in care – for personal care, after a fall, when main carer is unwell or after unexpected hospital discharge
  • Palliative care – to help provide dignified services at the last moments of loved ones and for support during those difficult times

Our dedicated emergency care team is led a senior nurse with many years of experience of working at A&E departments of different hospital. The team have been fully trained and they understand your social and health circumstances may change rapidly. As a result, systems have been put in place so that when you get in touch, support can be tailored to your needs.

We’re available 24 hours, a days; 7 days a week. Our team will be with you every step of the way. Please get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team who are on standby to help you talk through your needs quickly. Call 0203 643 5295


“ I had heard that Verity Healthcare have a track record of providing emergency but I later experienced myself. As soon as the phone rang, there was friendly and reassuring voice at the other end of the phone.  The senior manager visited us within 4 hours of calling to conduct care assessment and within the next few hours, we received excellent emergency care. The live-in carer who looked after mum has since become a part of the family. Choose Verity Healthcare!”

– Sylvia M, Highgate, London


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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