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Expert support for the deaf

Losing the ability to hear can be extremely frustrating. But with expert support for the deaf or hard of hearing people in familiar surroundings in comfort at home can alleviate these challenges

At Verity Healthcare, our home-based support has been specially designed to meet the needs of deaf people or those who are hard of hearing.  As one of the few companies that deliver services specifically for deaf people, we are very proud of value-added support that we have implemented to meet the wide range of needs of marginalised group of people.

Our staff are specially trained to offer person-centred deaf support services including high standards of personal care, reliability and friendly service to clients to enable them to live in their own home. This means that our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our deaf care services are focused on providing support for deaf people in their homes – the environment they know best and where they want to be. At home, our clients can continue to live normal lives without any disruption to what they’re used and the happy memories they hold. We work in partnership family, friends and/or advocates to implement services which are in the best interest of the deaf or hard-to-hear person.

We work with speech and hearing professionals to adopt best practice to undertake needs and risk assessments to deliver a care plan that meets the requirements and promote the wellbeing of you or your loved one. In putting a care plan in place, your views, wishes, feelings and beliefs are valued and recognised in the belief that the individual is best-placed to judge the individual’s well-being and in line with the Care Act 2014.  All care and/or support plans and risk assessments are reviewed on a 3-monthly basis or more frequently if required.

Our care staff understand that 0ne-size fit all approach does not work for anyone and so they have been trained to different forms of communication as the best option for transmitting information. Some have been trained to use the British Sign Language, large majority use lip reading and they all speak slowly and repetitively so that the hard-to-hear. We’ll always find the best method of communication that works for you or your loved one.

If you are looking for a healthcare company that’s unique in its approach to homecare services for deaf people, look no further. We can provide you with the most appropriate complex care and support.

We offer exceptional live-in care, visiting care and emergency care to help you live as independently. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options.

Practical deaf support services

Our vision is to deliver the best specialist person-centred approach to care and support especially for deaf and hard-to-hear people through a strong, dedicated and well qualified team of staff. Our services are focused in promoting service users’ rights, independence and inclusion as a means of empowering disadvantaged people to have as much choice and control as possible over their lives through advocacy for services and support they need.

Utilising our in-depth knowledge, skills and experience with the coordination and delivery of home packages we can confidently support and advise potential and existing customers on the most suitable service or home care package tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Our staff are trained to support deaf people and those who are hard-to-hear with a variety of  personal and housekeeping activities. They work with our clients to ensure that clients continue to main their independence in:

  • Personal Care
  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Meal Preparation
  • Dressing
  • Prompting with Medication
  • Social Outings
  • Shopping, collecting groceries
  • Attending Religious Centres
  • Service Users Needs
  • Washing and tidying up

If you are looking for a healthcare company that better suits your needs; we believe we can provide you with the most appropriate complex care and support.

We offer exceptional visiting care, nursing care and emergency care to help you live as independently. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options.

Our friendly, highly experienced, team members understand that it’s natural to have many questions and reservations when deciding whether to receive support at home.  Get in touch today for a completely flexible and custom-made support and care.

Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your needs or email us. You can request a callback and we’ll return your call.

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