Clinical and corporate governance

Robust corporate systems for success

Verity Healthcare implement robust clinical and corporate governance protocols to facilitate effective and prudent management to deliver the long-term success

Our clinical and corporate governance procedures provide  entrepreneurial and commercial safeguards to ensure business growth and survival. We achieve business accountability through a set of Non-Executive Directors’ monitoring processes.  They set the company’s strategic aims and providing leadership and supervising the management of business towards achieving the lasting productivity.

Our corporate governance protocols demand commitment to achieving best practice. It’s our goal that in implementing robust governance procedures we achieve wider impacts such as improving transparency and accountability within existing systems.

Through corporate governance, different accountability structures have been implemented and the values of the company shared for effective day-to-day operational management of the company so that the company performs better.

Effective clinical guidance

Our clinical guidance protocols endorse our absolute commitment to deliver safe, high quality, clinically-effective services with the best possible outcomes for our clients. We do this by learning from evidence-based research findings, client reviews and incidents and complaints and striving to continually improve the care we provide and the outcomes we deliver.

We demonstrate our commitment to clinical governance through the work of our Quality Assurance Advisory Board who regularly review the quality and standards of care delivered to our clients.

We comply with CQC and other regulatory requirements.

To achieve our goal of offering high quality and high value services to our clients, we implement client governance policies and procedures to:

  • recruit and retain highly staff working in efficient teams
  • Promote continual staff training and continuing professional development
  • implement risk management systems in compliance to legislation and regulations
  • Undertake clinical audits to compare staff performance against a standard
  • Implement improvement plans to secure high standards of service
  • Promote clients’ voice, experience and involvement
  • Adopt evidence-based findings for client care and effectiveness


We comply with regulation to help implement services which are caring, safe, reliable and effective through self-reviews and the work of independent compliance regulators such as:

  • Care Quality Commission
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Investors in People

We deliver services within a framework of equality and values that promote the rights and choices of all people with different health and social care needs to promote dignity and independence.a