Clinical Case Management

What is Case management?

At Verity healthcare, we work closely with case managers as a trusted homecare provider to ensure effective care package referrals; and delivery of the best possible person-centered care.

Our case management procedures are designed as the basis to work with case managers, funding bodies and multidisciplinary teams to provide effective personalised and outcome-based care for hundreds of clients. Many case managers find it beneficial to work with Verity Healthcare because we adopted an integrated approach to providing cost-effective care that balances reliability with flexibility to achieve value for money for case managers and better health and social outcomes for clients.

Our close working relationship with case managers helps us to integrate different clinical care pathways with a clear objective to assist case managers and clinicians to deliver care, to the right patient/client, at the right time and location, thus creating effective efficiencies to the local health and social care service.

Our dedicated nursing care team members are available to assist you with your clinical case management. You can get in touch by contacting the team.  

Working with case managers

Our team of clinicians and advisors work with case managers in managing each client’s needs by providing advice and suggest effective means of managing client’s needs; helping them to get better as quickly as possible via quick and easy access to clinicians who are focused on the wellbeing and recovery of patients or clients. We implement a smooth delivering of visiting care and live-in care for individuals and families across  the country by providing insightful guidance on how to organise and implement case managed care packages. 

We collaborate closely with case managers to identify the individual needs of clients and the right package of care required.  We  have worked with many care managers to manage different medical cases such as pre and post-settlement cases swiftly by providing  initial care package costs and the necessary information to support  litigation processes. Where necessary, our advisors have meet with case managers and solicitors to agree reasonable medical health quotations for effective and speedy settlement of medical cases.

For post-settlement cases, we work with case managers to establish clients’ needs through a comprehensive telephone or face-to-face assessment and implement bespoke care packages speedily and effectively to meet time scales. After case management care packages have been put in place, our specialist advisors and managers work alongside case managers and allocate fully trained care assistants to provide the required support to achieve best outcomes.

We’re dedicated to determining and implementing a robust continuing care strategy plan that maximises clients’ independence and improve their quality of life. We undertake joint reviews and monitoring of these plans and the quality of services provided on a regular basis; agree improvements and undertake actions to ensure that clients receive the best of care and health outcomes.

Case management services that we offer

At Verity Healthcare, we understand that the role of the case manager can be a difficult one as it involves undertaking assessment, monitoring, planning, advocacy and linking of the patients/clients with rehabilitation

 and support services for illness management and relapse prevention.

To be able to work with case managers effectively, we have established a team of nurses and health professional previous experience of case management across both the private and public sector. This enables us to understand and demonstrate how to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective use of healthcare interventions.

Case managers can rely on our services because we’re fully focused on

  • Helping clients get better quicker and at the same time; driving cost effective outcomes for clients as a result of effective budgeting and resources management.
  • Intervening as early as possible often within 24 hours of enquiry to offer the right treatment, at the right time to drive the right outcome.
  • Drawing on our experience to deliver support and treatment increase the likelihood of a prompt recovery that drives tangible clinical outcomes.
  • Providing consistent and continuous clinical case management for our clients when they need it to achieve recommendations.
  • Building strong relations with case managers, familes/reltaives and other health professionals to find solutions to complex care cases.
  • Making our services flexible and tailored to suit the needs and the lifestyle of our clients
  • Ensuring effective financial administration and accountability underpinned exceptional budgeting planning.
  • Retaining a team of excellent care assistants who are well trained, highly skilled and managed by registered nursed to provide complex nurse-led and condition-led care including enablement and rehabilitation services.

Verity Healthcare case management service team have many years’ experience of working warmly and seamlessly with case managers and other healthcare professionals to implement a quality package of care for clients. We work closely with clients to ensure that they receive the case management care and support they want and in the way and times that expect.


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