Complex Health Conditions can be Managed

Although Complex Care can present challenges, our expert staff can help you manage, so you can continue to lead fulfilled life.

Exceptional complex and condition-led care

Life is eventful and so living with a complex health condition shouldn't mean an end to everyday life, and it surely doesn't mean nursing home care is the only option.

For nearly a decade, Verity Healthcare has been providing high quality services to clients of different ages and social backgrounds with a range of complex and condition-led healthcare needs. Condition-led healthcare needs are health conditions that affect us which can be life-changing including congenital diseases from birth and others which are acquired through illness or injuries.

Many health conditions and illnesses can make daily living challenging both for the individual and the family around them. These healthcare conditions tend to progress at different rates for different people and can restrict individual’s physical mobility and senses. However, in most cases, remaining at home, in familiar surroundings is the best option.

We’re able to support individuals with wide range of complex and condition-led health needs because we have specialist carers and nurses with the knowledge and expertise to support you and your family, whatever your circumstances, to receive care at home, be well looked after and kept safe.

From spinal injury to brain injury; degenerative conditions, to congenital disease, our nurse-led care and support which is tailored to your needs enables you manage your condition and maintain the lifestyle you choose.

We’re here to help you to live fulfilled life and as independently as you can.

Our approach to condition-led care at home

At Verity Healthcare, we believe that with the right care and support, people with living with medical and health conditions and illness can live safely in their own home rather than moving into a residential care. We adopt a holistic approach to providing essential homecare services with the client at the centre of everything we do. We take great care to ensure that each of our clients receives the kind of care that is suitable to them and their needs.

Our expert team of nurses and clinical managers assess each of our client’s clinical and social requirements to understand their needs, risks and steps to mitigate risks to their health and living. We develop a bespoke, comprehensive care and daily lifestyle plan, that focuses their needs here and now; and the future too. Our initial assessments guarantee a level of understanding of the client’s needs; support clinical risk evaluation and provide a basis for training and provision of bespoke care.

We recognise that conditions can change over time, which is why we continually reassess our clients’ needs to make sure that the care they receive reflects their need.

Our care service is very personalised and flexible – we encourage you to choose what sort of support you required, when the support is required and the person you prefer to look after you.  Our carers and nurses are available to provide care and support at specific short-term periods from at usual working hours around 7am through to 10pm, overnight, or live-in to provide round the clock care to give you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Our carers and nurses are carefully selected and trained, to work with people with high dependency care needs and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and many more.  We provide a comprehensive range of condition-led services including:

  • Bowel management
  • Epilepsy awareness
  • Gastrostomy management
  • Medication management and prompting
  • Skin care regimes
  • Use of a range of equipment
  • Ventilation and airway management

We’re committed to promoting clinical excellence and our nurse-led teams providing exceptional care. We’re fully committed upholding the highest standards of quality care for our clients, through regular monitoring, review, and training.

Our dedicated team can be reached anytime of the day. Get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team and one of our handpicked member of staff will be happy to talk you through the various options. Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your needs or email us. You can request a callback and we’ll return your call.

A fully range of condition-led care to promote choice

Everybody’s different, and we ensure that the care we deliver takes that into account. Some of our clients need round the clock support from a team of multiple of care workers, personal care assistants and nurses; others need lower levels of support, perhaps from just one team member; a number of our clients opt for the support of a live-in care assistant.

We promote healthy relationship building with our clients and this is vital to ensuring that we can support all elements of our clients’ care. That’s why we also take the time to match our clients to a team of personal care assistants who share interests and personality. We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke, nurse-led complex care at home to clients with a range of complex needs, to offer choice; promote independence and provide the chance to live life to the full.

Acquired brain injury


Bariatric care

Cancer care

Cerebral palsy care

Down Syndrome

Huntington disease

Knee and hip replacement care

Locked-in syndrome

Multiple sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy

Neurological care

Parkinson’s care

Spinal cord injury

Stroke care

Support for the blind

Support for the deaf

Ventilator care

Complex Care for Children and Young Adults

At Verity Healthcare, we do not only do care for the elderly with complex health conditions, we provide complex condition-led care for  children and young adults too.  Our team has experience and training to care for a range of conditions that a child or young adult may require care for. We’re able to support children, young adults and the elderly who may have a range of complex needs such as: long-term health issues, progressive declining health, physical and learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs.

We understand that living with condition-led injuries and medical conditions such as Motor Neurone disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Cancer, brings unique challenges. That’s why we have built a team of experts with a lead nurse to support you live the life you choose and help to live independently.  Our team will help you to pursue your future aspirations and for you to continue to engage with your interests and hobbies.

Verity Healthcare work in close partnership with health and social care professionals such as district nurses, occupational therapists, Macmillan nurses, doctors, pharmacists, family members to provide holistic care so that you live comfortably and have total control of your lives and receive the support that you need.

Client story: Spinal Injury

This young lady enjoys life and adventure. Sadly, she injured her spine at the age of 17 and became completely dependent on equipment. However, it doesn’t mean that her life should be kept on hold. Working with other health professionals like Occupational and Physio- therapists, she receives daily care with the help of hoists, wheelchairs and other telecare equipment. She is able to visit the Community regularly. Her interest in Sports is unfeigned. As a great fan of a Premier League Football Team, she is able to attend football matches to support her team, with the support of her carer. She likes to meet people and engage in conversations and have fun. She comments that: “Since Verity Healthcare took over my care, I’m a different person. My carers are amazing and treat me honourably and engage me in conversation. I recommend your staff very highly”

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