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Specialist support for people with visual impairment

Being blind or partially sighted present challenge, but there's a host of benefits and support available to make life easier. Routines shouldn’t feel like a maze of rules and regulations.

In the UK, there are nearly 2 million people living with sight loss. Of these, 360,000 are registered as blind or partially sighted. Sight loss – whether blindness, or severe sight impairment, can affect people of any age. However, often there are no well organised services for blind people or those visual impairment.

We understand that 65% of those suffering from visual impairment worldwide are aged 50 and older.  The major causes of visual impairment in older age group are chronic eye diseases and the general ageing process.

At Verity Healthcare, we have specialist team of staff with many years’ experience to provide the right level of support and assistance for blind people and those with partial and severe sight impairments of all ages and different types of needs at home. We understand that visual impairment presents a challenge for independent daily living, but this does not mean you should leave the comfort of your home. That’s why we have implemented services to specifically to assist the blind to live as independent and fulfilled lives. We believe that with extra support and assistance from health professionals and the circle of family and friends, people who are blind and visually impaired can live confidently and happily.

Our staff are specially trained to offer person-centred support services to people who are blind including high standards of personal care, reliability and friendly service to clients to enable them to live in their own home. This means that our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Whenever you choose Verity healthcare, you will have access to a comprehensive range of home care services which are built around you and your needs. You will be assigned a small team of healthcare

assistants who are supported registered nurses and other health professionals who will implement a care plan which is completely built around your needs, giving you the right support from a fully trained carer who suits you and your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a healthcare company that’s uniquely focused on supporting  blind people or the visually impaired, the Verity Healthcare are the choicest company. We can provide you with the most appropriate complex care and support.

 We offer exceptional live-in care, visiting care and emergency care to help you live as independently. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options.

The different types of visual impairment

The main cause of visual impairment in England and Wales is cataracts.  It is estimated that around 2.5 million people over the age of 65 have some degree of visual impairment due to cataracts.  However, there are rare types of cataracts that can affect children. Cataracts are patches that are formed over the lens of the eye and can result in blurred or misty vision. The patched on the lens stop light from reaching the back of the eye which obscures vision. The patches that cause cataracts will require surgery to remove, and replace, the damaged lens.

Glaucoma is another common cause of visual impairment. In England and Wales, it is estimated that over half a million people suffer with glaucoma. Generally, glaucoma affects both eyes, however one eye may develop the condition faster than the other. Glaucoma is characterised as a build-up of pressure within the eye, which can affect sight by damaging the optic nerve and the nerve fibres from the retina. Blindness and visual impairment can also sometimes be associated with, or occur as a result of, other medical conditions such as diabetes, dementia, hearing loss or a stroke.

It is evidenced that people who suffer from complete or partial visual impairment all have common symptom of difficulty but some may have extremely different reactions to this experience both physically and mentally. Some express anger, others go through a stage of bereavement over loss of sight. Associated symptoms with blindness or visual impairment may include discomfort in the eyes, lack of balance, awareness of the eyes and foreign body sensation.

Practical support visually impaired person

At Verity Healthcare, we understand that living with any form of visual impairment can be an isolating and frustrating experience and can make daily tasks and activities challenging.  In turn, this situation can put a physical and emotional strain on you and your loved ones. Whilst blindness or visual impairment can make simple tasks challenging, we provide the right support and practical care so that you can stay independent and confidently participate in the activities you enjoy in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of your own home.

That’s why our care staff are trained to minimise the disruption caused by visual impairment to provide care and support to all levels of visual impairment. Our staff work along with nurses who are trained to provide support to people who are blind or visually impaired and their families to cope with challenges associated with the condition. We’ll work with you to find ways to adapt your home to your new or developing situation and needs.

Our services are people-centred and so everything we do revolve entirely around the specific needs and requirements of the individual. Our support and care assistants are expertly trained and competent to deliver the medical, emotional and physical support to our clients in familiar surroundings, and around their established routines. This way, our clients who suffer with visual impairment maintain independence and a good quality of life.

Our team of nursing-led carers offer assistance and practical care ranging from help around the home such as household chores to more sensitive issues such as helping with personal care – such as toileting, bathing and dressing.  They are empathetic and use discretion to allow you to continue living their daily life and following your established routines.

We work with you to match you up with a personal support assistants who have the relevant skill set and share complementary personality so they will share your values, likes and dislikes. This way they are able to offer emotional support, companionship and encouragement. Our team of care workers and nurses are competently trained to support the person who is visually impaired with medical aspects of care, such as administering eye drops or giving post-operative care after cataract surgery In

Our friendly, highly experienced, team members understand that it’s natural to have many questions and reservations when deciding whether to receive support at home.  Get in touch today for a completely flexible and custom-made support and care.

Call us on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your needs or  email us. You can request a callback and we’ll return your call.

Day-to-day support for the blind

Our vision is to deliver the best specialist person-centred approach to care and support especially for people who are blind or visually impaired. We have ensured that our carers and registered nurses have a wealth of experience in providing care for blind people, and they receive ongoing training  and professional development how to care for specific conditions.

Our services are focused on promoting service users’ rights, independence and inclusion as a means of empowering disadvantaged people to have as much choice and control as possible over their lives through advocacy for services and support they need.

Utilising our in-depth knowledge, skills and experience with the coordination and delivery of home packages we can confidently support and advise potential and existing customers on the most suitable service or home care package tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Our carers come with positivity and can-do attitude and have been specifically trained to support people who are blind and visually impaired. Our friendly carers can help you to move around the home and carry out daily tasks. Our carers are also there to encourage and empower you to gain as much independence as is possible.

If you need to adapt your home to help you remain independent, we can support you with this too. We can support you to put in place:

  • Big-button telephone – both landline and mobile models are available from the RNIB online shop so you can continue to communicate with your friends and loved ones
  • Computer – with big-button keyboards, screen display software and text readers with the internet to provide a real sense of connection to friends and family as well as other people with a visual impairment.
  • Community alarm – this small, wearable device which has an alarm button that, if pressed, sends an alarm signal to a response centre, which will alert a nominated friend or carer. Your local authority should be able to provide you with further information.
  • Bright lighting – bright light bulbs especially fluorescent bulbs and adjustable lights are essential for your home, particularly in the kitchen and the stairs to mitigate accidents.
  • Global positioning system (GPS) is a navigational aid that uses signals from satellites to tell you where you are and help plan your journeys.

In addition, we can help you to have many other types of assistive technology and equipment to assist you to overcome the problems presented by your sight loss, and to enable you to adapt your environment so that it is better suited to your needs.

Other equipment options include:-

  • symbol canes
  • talking books
  • liquid level indicators
  • large button telephones
  • talking clocks and watches
  • writing frames

If you are looking for a healthcare company that better suits your needs; we believe we can provide you with the most appropriate complex care and support.

We offer exceptional visiting care, nursing care and emergency care to help you live as independently. Get in touch today on 0203 643 5295 to discuss your options.

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