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Verity Healthcare Strategic Framework provides a comprehensive picture of our efforts and team projects to provide person-centred care to achieve the best outcome for our patients and clients. This includes meaningful target measures and a sequence of plans determined by our clients and patients.

Our strategy drives our commitment for offering the right type of care for our clients at the right times and by the right people to achieve better health outcomes for our clients.  Our strategic framework which inspires our commitment is underpinned by 6 pillars which guide our business undertakings.

Six pillars of strategic framework

Our framework is focused on empowering people to lead on and plan their care and support for their safety and achieve best quality care through our expectations for high performance as part of our growth plan in serving diverse communities.

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People are at the heart of everything that we do.  Many people are choosing Verity Healthcare for homecare.

Domiciliary care


Our brand is known for quality homecare services. We are fully regulated and quality assured to maintain high standards.



The safety of our staff and people who use our services is a priority. We put in place measure to mitigate risks and harm.



We’re unwaveringly focused on ensuring that our clients enjoy excellent experience. A strong and sustainable experience is our goal.



We’re consistently investing capital to enhance market dominance as a true champion of excellent homecare services



Focused on maintain-ing our position as community hub and responsible steward-ship to make to the community

Our vision for excellence in health and social care provision is underpinned by well crafted strategies which guide our daily operations in meeting the needs of vulnerable people from diverse backgrounds.

-Dr. (Mrs) Barbara Esther – Director – Verity Healthcare Limited

Our strategic priorities

To deliver a commitment for excellence, we have identified a number of priority areas: Our commitment informs our strategy to secure positive experiences for our clients. Verity Healthcare are fully committed to delivering high quality care in achieving safety for clients and organizational growth so that we can continue to provide essential services to all people. Our capital investment enables us to achieve better performance for our clients and stakeholders and making a difference in the community.

Six key priorities

We have adopted 6 priority areas which constitute our 6 pillars of excellence: People, Quality, Safety, Performance, Growth and Community. Our priorities form the foundation for our vision to transform health and social care experiences for all people. These priorities are obvious testament to our commitment to make Verity Healthcare, the first-choice homecare provider noted for achieving excellence in homecare services for all.


Our commitment is to put our clients at the centre of all that we do. We create a values-driven culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest professionals, who are committed to our vision to deliver truly outstanding healthcare services and achieve positive experiences for all our clients.


The reason for our existence is to improve client’s clinical excellence and to set high industry standards and exceed our client expectations. We’re ever focused on quality of services and achieving efficiency by upholding the highest standards and cost-effective service for our clients.


The safety and wellbeing of clients and employee is a paramount priority to us. We’ve implemented several measures to keep our staff and clients safe and free from harm. We take measured approach to prioritising business expansion into new markets and reduce risk.


We believe that our performance determines our survival. It’s our commitment to providing excellent customer service experiences to all our clients. We maximise the value we add to healthcare services in becoming a leader in achieving positive outcomes for our clients.


We accept our responsibility to achieve consistent financial and net revenue growth to expand into related business lines which our customers want. It’s our focus to enhance market dominance, secure infrastructural and technology investment into our business in becoming a competitive player.


Our goal is being the community hub and an exemplary civic organisation by making a difference in the community and meeting the individual and local needs of our customers and partners. We integrate corporate responsibility and business ethics to give consideration of the community.


Joining Verity Healthcare is a prospect that you will relish. You will be joining a family of staff who share diverse abilities and skills for your personal and professional growth.

If you have any questions and need to get in touch with us, you can use any of the means of communication below.

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